Pre-flight Introduction

Hi there! YuanDuan from Avetics here, to introduce myself, I specialize in the artistic portion of Avetics - I tell the pilot where to fly to get the shots we need, then spend time editing the pictures/videos... in short - the dumb non-technical one.

I also meet clients and discuss project scopes, to meet their expectations and give them extraordinary imagery!

So I can't really talk much about the general tech of drones per se (guest poster from the tech department perhaps?). 

I hope to share tips on the practical usage of drones to anyone - prospective clients, curious hobbyists or just people who are interested to getting to know more about drone scene in general.

So from time to time I will be posting on topics of differing content. Cool flight patterns we use to get nice dynamic shots, camera equipment, thoughts on drone usage and safety, perhaps even light off-topic posts for interesting reading.

So watch this space!