Ensuring Safety

Approved Contractors for :

Highest Internal Standards:

We apply strict internal checklists and procedures in our design and maintenance phases - ensuring our aircraft is performing at the safest and most optimized state.

  • Flight and reliability testing
  • Retirement of frames after logged hours
  • Periodic tear down and rebuild of custom aircraft
  • In-built redundancy in drones to allow for margin of failures
  • Electronic flight logs 
  • Detail operating procedures


    • Save money –  Eliminate time and costs required to erect scaffolding.
    • No downtime of your platform – Assets are able to stay online and operational during inspection.
    • Reduce health & safety hazards– Unmanned, which cuts out the need for people to be placed at height, avoiding potential danger to personnel.
    • Assist turn around and maintenance – Advance information to plan and budget for your turnaround shutdown.
    • Better decision making Information – Our experience & technical skill to operate within challenging environments allows us to locate and diagnose problems quickly.


    • Oil & Gas
    • Flaretips
    • Building facade inspection (Civil inspection)
    • Roof Inspection
    • Tower crane inspection
    • Pipe rack inspection
    • Indoor facility inspection
    • Confined space inspection