• Save money –  Eliminate time and costs required to erect scaffolding.
  • No downtime of your platform – Assets are able to stay online and operational during inspection.
  • Reduce health & safety hazards– Unmanned, which cuts out the need for people to be placed at height, avoiding potential danger to personnel.
  • Assist turn around and maintenance – Advance information to plan and budget for your turnaround shutdown.
  • Better decisive making Information – Our technical skill to operate within challenging environments, along with our experience, in addition to leading imaging technology, allows us to locate and diagnose problems quickly.

Ensuring Safety

Approved Contractors for :

With drones as a fledgling service unfamiliar to some, we understand the many are worried about the risks.

We ensure that the technology is safe and reliable and take additional precautions to provide a peace of mind.

We go above and beyond the Civil Aviation Authority requirements of a licensed drone operator - by attending safety courses to update our best operating and manufacturing practices.


  • Bizsafe : writing & providing risk assesments
  • IPC : Professional soldering accreditation to ensure custom craft are safely assembled
  • Workplace Safety and Health in Process Plant : To educate our staff of safety practices within oil & gas environments

Internal Safeguards:

We apply strict internal checklists and procedures in our design and maintenance phases - ensuring our aircraft is performing at the safest and most optimized state.

  • Flight and reliability testing
  • Retirement of frames after logged hours
  • Periodic tear down and rebuild of custom aircraft
  • In-built redundancy in drones to allow for margin of failures
  • Electronic flight logs 
  • Detail operating procedures


  • Oil & Gas
  • Building facade inspection (Civil inspection)
  • Tower crane inspection
  • Pipe rack inspection
  • Indoor facility inspection
  • Confined space inspection