With drones as a fledgling service unfamiliar to some, we understand the many are worried about the risks.

We ensure that the technology is safe and reliable and take additional precautions to provide a peace of mind.

We go above and beyond the Civil Aviation Authority requirements of a licensed drone operator - by attending safety courses to update our best operating and manufacturing practices.


  • Bizsafe : writing & providing risk assesments
  • IPC : Professional soldering accreditation to ensure custom craft are safely assembled
  • Workplace Safety and Health in Process Plant : To educate our staff of safety practices within oil & gas environments

Internal Safeguards:

We apply strict internal checklists and procedures in our design and maintenance phases - ensuring our aircraft is performing at the safest and most optimized state.

  • Flight and reliability testing
  • Retirement of frames after logged hours
  • Periodic tear down and rebuild of custom aircraft
  • In-built redundancy in drones to allow for margin of failures
  • Electronic flight logs 
  • Detail operating procedures